State Homefront

New Jersey-

The State George Knapp was enlisted in, was New Jersey in Newark. At the time, New Jersey helped contribute a lot to WWII. New Jersey has significant Munition Production in Aircraft Carriers as well as owning many shipyards. The state, as a whole was also popular for it's steel and agricultural production. Citzens would help contribute by donating scrap metal, conserving energy, and participating in war bonds. 


    This Picture is the state of New Jersey, which Knapp was enlisted in. 

    With the Production during the war, there were also camps and bases that NJ contained. One major camp NJ held was Seabrook's Farms. This internment camp was a major help to agricultural production. 

    • Military bases: McGuire Airforce base, Fort Hancock, Fort Dix 

                                                                                                                                                                          A photo of the county map, Bergen County NJ, where Knapp was enlisted

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