Military Life

Pamphlet for the Army base, Fort Bragg. Made during World War 2, where Knapp had training. 

Knapp was enlisted Jan 28 1941, and was a Staff Sergeant in the US army before he passed. 

Staff Sergeant is one step farther than being a regular sergeant. The job is commanding about nine to ten soldiers at a time.  Staff sergeants do not attend a military academy to receive a commission. Instead, they enlist from which they are promoted from a lower rank. 

Knapp had his general Training for WW2 in Fort Bragg NC.

The 9th Infantry Division- The 9th infantry was on of the first combat unties to engage on offensive ground, their first combat was in November in 1942. 

Feb, the 9th had small operations in Tunisia. March, launched attack in Southern Tunisia. May, Drove to Bizerte located along the coast. August, Landed in Palermo, Sicily, fighting on the capture of Messina

June 1944- returned for training, right around when Knapp passed away on June 17, 1944. Knapp's death was located in Normandie, France. 

Photo of the 9th Infantry during WW2. Which Knapp was involved in. 

Staff Sergeant Rank picture shown above

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