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Researching the George Knapp helped me understand to importance of every single veteran who was involved in WW2. It's hard to truly recognize the impact of every soldier that was involved with the war. It helped me understand the sacrifice Knapp and other silent heroes made for our country. The idea of freedom was created by building a country and strengthening it, making everyone have an equal opportunity. If Knapp was still here today, I would be curious on his thoughts before his death. What impact did Knapp think he made for the United States? When I researched Knapp's Impact and history, what helped me the most was analyzing the census's and finding his grave stone. After collecting my information, I understood what it meant to be a Silent Hero. It is important to remember and appreciate the impact these heroes had on our life's. When I think of the word Gratitude I not only thinking of being thankful, but also remembrance and understanding the impact. Thank you, George A. Knapp, for helping me realize, the importance of all the silent heroes.